President and Chief Executive Officer, Terry Williams

Terry participates on the Board as President and Chief Executive Officer, she is the also one of the founding members of TCG Health Connect, and has served as CEO since it’s conception. Now will take on various new duties with the Board of Directors. Terry is a graduate of MTSU with a Master of Science, and undergraduate of TSU with a dual degree in Information Technology and Organizational Leadership.

Board Member, Consultant,

Celestia Ware III FCLS, MCJ, CISR, Insurance Agent

Yasmin Sounivong, joins the Board of Directors working in the area of outreach. She also serves as the Spanish translator for TCG Health Connect, and helps with teaching the hispanic community about health insurance.

Founding Board Member and President Emeritus,  Centers for Disease Control (Ms. Johnson served in a personal capacity as Board President)

Board Secretary and Vice President, Amanda Newell, Tennessee Hospital Association, Emeritus 

Board Member, Felisha Cannon, Adjunct Faculty, Watkins School of Art, Emeritus 

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