On June 2021, HHS proposed an extended open enrollment period, starting with the open enrollment window that begins November 1, 2021. The proposal calls for open enrollment to start November 1 and continue through January 15, instead of ending in mid-December. Enrollees would still have to apply by December 15 in order to have coverage effective January 1; applications submitted between December 16 and January 15 would take effect February 1.

If finalized, this window would apply nationwide. But states that run their own exchanges would still have the option to further extend open enrollment, if they want it to continue past mid-January. Most of the fully state-run exchanges do tend to extend open enrollment each year, but few of them go past January 15; this would likely be the default deadline adopted by most of them.

Do you need assistance in understanding the Health Insurance Marketplace?

Before getting started, here are some things to bring when applying for coverage.

An email address to set up your account prior to the application, if you have one

current address, phone number

Social Security number and dates of birth for everyone applying

Money from jobs and other sources

Citizenship and immigration status

Other insurance information

Document Numbers and information for any applicant with an eligible immigration status.

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